Since his launch as a Christian Rapper in 2006, he's produced five albums and is scheduled to release his 6th in November of 2019 with singles releasing every few months leading up to November.  He's  toured and performed with a number of big named Christian Rappers and has performed solo at many festivals and events.   He's become a favorite for many festival goers of all ages and has been a repeat performer for events including Night Vision, HeavenFest and most recently was a big hit at the Life Of Valor event.

In Spring of 2018, Crawford added to his team as he engaged with the Management Agency, Colorado Springs & Nashville based WieRok Entertainment.  Through CCM creative channels, his next project will evolve to a new sound and a message of unity as he embraces the his new season. 

His live performance is high energy and engaging for audiences of all ages.  His lyrics are clear and carry the message of encouragement, hope and accountability as a Christian. 

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Booking Manager:

Bridget Crawford

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WieRok Entertainment 

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